Penomet penis pump review 2020

penomet reviewSmall penis size makes many people worried and less confident while getting engaged in sex.

If your penis size is small and always feel conscious about it, your confidence deteriorates and leads to inefficient performance on bed. There are many issues such as small penis and premature ejaculation make a negative impact on your sexual performance.

The consequences get serious over a while. You may have to deal with issues like reduced self-confidence and low self-esteem.

How to make the penis stronger and bigger?

Many men are searching for a convincing answer to this question. There are many different products available on the market that claim to offer excellent benefits.

You can come across different exercises, pills, pumps and more. Unfortunately, most of these products fail to live up to the expectations of users.

What about Penomet?

Is it a good product to increase the size of your penis? This Penomet review analyzes all aspects with an unbiased approach.

What is Penomet?

Penomet is a water-assisted hand stroke penis pump that promises to address erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and increase the size of your penis.

This product utilizes a novel interchangeable Gaiter system which varies the amount of pressure you apply on your penis as you build up your tolerance and size. The manufacturer of this product is an Iceland-based company known as Arctic Sea Limited.

What does the entire package contain?

If you go through unbiased Penomet reviews by existing users, you can find them find them talking highly about this product. The premium package contains

  • Version 4.0 Penomet pump
  • Five gaiters with varying degree of suction (65, 50, 70, 75 and 80)
  • Digital exercise handbook
  • Shower comfort strap
  • Instructional booklet

You can buy the premium package at an affordable price of $297. It comes with a 3-year warranty as well.

Other Penomet packages

There are also Penomet Extra and Penomet Standard available today in the market.

Penomet Extra Package comprises of:

  • Version 3.0 Penomet pump
  • 3 gaiters
  • Digital exercise handbook
  • Printed instructional booklet
  • 3-Year warranty

The price of the Extra Package is $197

What to expect with Penomet Standard package?

  • Version 3.0 Penomet pump
  • Force 70 -Gaiter
  • Digital exercise handbook
  • Printed instructional booklet
  • 3-year warranty

The price of the Standard version is $127.

Available in 3 different colors and user-friendly money-back guarantee

The Penomet pump is available in three different colors, namely violet, orange, and pink. You can also enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee with this product.

Enjoy excellent results within 15 minutes

This Penomet review finds that this water-assisted pump as a flexible device that offers visible results within 15 minutes of usage. The two-part design can be termed as revolutionary. It is in combination with the interchangeable gaiters make this device a highly scalable and efficient.

The exiting users assure that the penis size can be increased by up to 3 inches in length. According to them, the increase in girth goes up to 30%.

The revolutionary AquaPressure technology makes it unique

You can use Penomet in a bathtub or shower. It can also be used as a conversional air penis pump. Since this product comes with a revolutionary AquaPressure system, it is capable of providing the optimal vacuum required for achieving the best results.

Without enlarging the penis comprehensively, conventional penis pumps compress and expand air to enlarge only a few areas.

Equal pressure and volume

Penomet offers equal volume and pressure within the cylinder to deliver exceptional results.

As the pump compression ceases, the non-return valve situated at the cylinder end closes. The unique design allows the gaiter to expand optimally.

This situation results in the equal application of pressure on your penis. Since there are five interchangeable gaiters available with premium package, you can increase the pressure safely and gradually based on your unique needs.

penomet penis pump

How to use make use of this penis pump?

This Penomet review explores all aspects of this product objectively. We find that ease of use is one of the most prominent qualities of Penomet. This step by step guide teaches you how to use this pump efficiently.

  1. You have to choose a detachable pressure gaiter. (The experts recommend beginners to use a gaiter with lowest pressure setting.
  2. The second step is to attach the gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder.
  3. You need to place the pump over the penis.
  4. Gently pump the device a few times for creating a vacuum seal
  5. You must relax and re-pump every couple of minutes as required. (Total time taken should be in between 15 and 20 minutes).
  6. For removing the pump from the penis, you have to press the valve situated at the end of the cylinder to the side. As you press, the pressure is released to help you take the device easily.

As you keep on using this pump and gain experience, you can make use of stronger gaiters that offer increased pressure.

Penomet – pros

  • Penomet increases your penis length and girth considerably.
  • Continuous use ensures powerful erections and enhanced sexual performance.
  • Highly effective against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Enjoy visible results within 15 minutes of usage
  • This pump is made using the finest quality polycarbonate materials to eliminate all side effects
  • The revolutionary technology guarantees excellent results.
  • Arctic Sea Limited offers a 3-year warranty for this pump.
  • All users get a 60-day money-back guarantee scheme.
  • This product increases the curvature of your penis effectively
  • It is a user-friendly product.


  • This product is slightly expensive.

Final thought about the Penomet penis pump

After having analyzed all aspects of this water-assisted hand stroke penis pump, this Penomet review arrives at the conclusion that you can buy this product to find a solution to small penis size, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

It is a completely safe product that can be used with great ease and comfort. The revolutionary two-part design and technology give a definite competitive edge to Penomet over other penis pumps available on the market.

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