How Mental Health Affects Sexual Health

Sex is about 90% mental and 10% physical.  While some may disagree with those numbers, it cannot be denied your mental stability definitely plays a part in your sexual life.  When sexual dysfunction occurs, most men immediately assume it is a physical matter.  While in many cases that may be true, there is still a chance that the problem is psychological.  Some men may spend hundreds of dollars on herbal supplements, sexually enhancing creams and pills and may see no results.  This could be because of stress, anxiety or depression.

When someone is not mentally balanced, they may experience physical affects because of it.  This is because the brain controls the body’s hormones and chemicals and if you are depressed, those hormones and chemicals may not be produced in the correct way.  Anxiety is one of those mental issues that can cause very frustrating problems such as erectile dysfunction.

When the mind is at ease and you are well balanced, the mind is allowed to be more sexually active.  When mental health is impaired, then sexual excitement may no longer be present.  Many people that experience depression also experience a very low or non-existent libido.  Sometimes, even the drugs that are used to treat mental health issues can cause problems such as erectile dysfunction.  If this is the case, speaking with your doctor about the issue can possibly help.  Your doctor may be able to lower the dosage or switch you to a medicine that will not cause that problem.  The only way to find out is to have a frank discussion with a health professional.